40% of SaaS application users have already lost data online

Rewind, a provider of cloud backups for SaaS applications and the author of this survey, encourages companies of all sizes to evaluate their current cloud data protection initiatives, and to have comprehensive backups for major business applications.

This study found that, although more than half (53%) of respondents cited the use of SaaS tools at work and some (43%) even used four or more, many users (45%) were not yet familiar with the Shared Responsibility Model . They do not realize that while SaaS providers actively back up their own cloud infrastructure, they do not provide users with the critical account-level business information stored in their applications, the report says.

However, the majority noted that the data from their SaaS applications was "a little" (47%) or "a lot" (42%) critical to doing their job.

“If I had known that online tools don't offer complete protection for my company's data, I would have backed up everything on the first day,” said Matt Davis, owner of Whisker Seeker, one of America's largest fishing equipment manufacturers. North. “The loss of vital data from our e-commerce store days before the start of the holiday shopping season almost paralyzed our operation. It was the biggest nightmare of my life ”.

The tasks for a server repair technician are varied, with everything from providing cost estimates to upgrading hardware and software as needed. 

According to World Backup Day (March 31), 30% of people have never backed up files to a location other than their computer, but 29% of disasters are caused by accidents. The organization recalls stories of disastrous accidents, such as that of Pixar, which lost 90% of the animated film Toy Story 2 due to a wrong command from the computer. Or the case of Microsoft's Sidekick and T-Mobile where they almost completely lost all customer data.

In addition, 114 phones are stolen or lost every minute and 1 in 10 computers is infected with viruses every month.


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