Cloud CEP Benefits Now Available to Users

For several years now, the market has been waiting for the cloudy CEP. Now that the solution has been found, tested and certified by the FSB of Russia, the time has come for its implementation in everyday life. Read more about the technology, its cost, installation and advantages in the material of the portal The long-formed and continuing trend of increasing mass digitalization sometimes pleases with truly breakthrough solutions that save finances, as well as months or even years of man-hours for its users. Another example is a cloud-based electronic signature.


A “qualified ” cloud-based electronic signature (“cloud” CEP) is a legally significant electronic signature implemented using a technology that transfers all computing operations using electronic signatures to an external service (“cloud”), leaving only the need to confirm your identity on the user’s side and making the transaction in a convenient way (for example, through a mobile application). Understanding why many problems of the digital economy are becoming irrelevant for owners of a cloud-based qualified electronic signature will help understanding the principles and advantages of the technology.

What is CompTIA Cloud+?

The essence of technology The technology of the "cloud" electronic signature is based on 2 main elements: CryptoPro DSS 2.0 * and CryptoPro HSM 2.0 *, which support the new GOST R 34.10-2012. For more information about the transition to the new GOST, the formation of electronic signatures can be found in the article " Start of issuing subordinate certificates of accredited CAs according to the new GOST ". * Products of the company LLC “CRIPTO-PRO” - the market leader in the production and distribution of cryptographic information protection (CIP) and electronic signatures. 


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