Distance learning takes its place in education

In recent years, we have seen radical changes in almost all sectors, with one stark exception: education. Most educational institutes operate in a similar way as when I went to school many years ago. Although we have begun to see changes in this field at a slow pace through online options, COVID-19 has forced education to undergo a rapid reinvention, more than almost any other sector. And it will not go back to what it was.

A network engineer is a technology professional who is highly skilled in maintaining the connectivity of networks in terms of data, voice, calls, videos and wireless network services.

This year, we are going to prove that distance learning can work and maybe it is a better option for some people, showing how it can have a positive and lasting role in education. We don't need a global health crisis to see that offering classes over the internet makes sense. Having distance learning (and work) options available at all times also means that children will be able to stay home when they are sick, but they will not need to miss class. What if there was no school for classroom teaching? If there is an internet connection, at least there will be the possibility of some kind of education.

Without a doubt, I think we should send our kids back to the classroom, and to get in touch with colleagues, but we will experience other interruptions. Distance learning gives educational institutions and students the flexibility to respond to unforeseen events, whether pandemics, natural or man-made disasters - so as not to interrupt learning.


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