English proficiency certificate: what it is and how to get it

The English proficiency certificate is a way of proving your fluency in the official language. For this reason, it helps to obtain job and study opportunities in Brazil and abroad. Find out what the main types are and how to take them out.

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Considered a universal language , English is increasingly necessary both for students and professionals who want to leverage their careers and reach a level of stability and success.

This means, that having proven fluency in English is a very important differential for the career and a requirement that contributes a lot to achieve the goals, especially in a market that is with a high level of demands.

So, if you plan to do an exchange , you need to know more about the English proficiency certificate. That is the subject that we will address in this post. Keep reading!

English proficiency certificates are a mandatory requirement to compete for places at many international universities, to compete for jobs abroad and to apply for a residence visa and several countries.
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