Four Business Security Basics

With all the threats that stand to create problems for businesses today, it can be surprising to hear that some of the most common security risks result directly from your staff and their exposure to technology. Less surprising to hear; security issues often interrupt the operations of your business and incur significant financial cost. Below, we have shared a few tips to help your staff better adhere to security best practices.

Password Etiquette
Passwords are used everywhere these days, in both personal and professional environments. You should encourage your employees to adopt the following practices and do the same yourself.

Differentiate your passwords. Let’s face it - people take the path of least resistance which contributes to the unfortunate habit of using the same password for multiple online accounts. The trouble with this habit, is that if one account is compromised, a lot of other accounts could also be compromised. The malicious actor only needs to plug in those credentials on other popular websites or business applications.

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Keeping it simple is stupid. Another habit that we all tend to gravitate toward is to make a password as memorable as we can. This often means that our passwords usually include something about us that is easy to find out - pet names, birthdays, and other details like that. How often have you seen a movie where the hero hacks into a bad guy’s laptop by looking at a picture on their desk with their pet’s name or remembering some other important details? This is so common, there is an entire storytelling trope around this phenomenon. Avoid doing this!


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