Guide to IT certifications

The tech industry is rapidly expanding, and the demand for IT skills in the workforce is growing. A career in IT can be rewarding and has longevity. In order to thrive in a tech career, it is important to stay up–to–date with the ever-changing world of technology by earning certifications. With many options like security, networking, cloud, sys admin, and dev, it can be challenging to know how to get started or what the next step in your certification path is. Here is the ultimate guide to IT certifications.  

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Why get certified?  

According to CompTIA, 91% of employers say certifications are critical for hiring the right talent, and that IT certifications are a reliable predictor of a successful employee. 

Getting certified is the best way to launch your IT career, increase your salary, or stay competitive in the industry. Certification in IT is a testimony to your knowledge and skill in that particular field. Employers seek out applicants with certifications and many give promotions or incentives to their current employees who pass certification exams. Whether you’re just starting out or are mid–level and looking to advance in your field, a certification is right for you. 


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