Improve marketing strategies

With the amount of information currently available, without effective analysis, it is practically impossible to make the right decisions in front of customers. Therefore, it is possible to use Data Science also in favor of marketing strategies.

The company manages, for example, to collect important information such as behavior, purchase profile, financial income, education, among others and thus draw up well-structured and decisive marketing strategies.

Through this, it is possible to offer the products most sought after by the market and making the right promotions to stay ahead of the competition.

Improve financial performance
When a company has greater analytical capacity, it is possible to optimize its financial results and make better business decisions as a whole.

Data science implies better and more agile decisions, increased productivity, reduced costs, waste and greater customer engagement and attraction. This, consequently, contributes to the financial performance to increase.

What is the data journey in a company?
In order to be able to put Data Science into practice, first, it is essential to know how the data journey takes place within the company. There are a number of steps they need to take before they can be turned into business-relevant insights.

The Security Specialist will develop new layers of protection and update the security systems. The professional has to grant permissions and privileges to authorized users. 

This journey follows a logical sequence consisting of six stages. They are: collection, transport, protection, storage and processing, analysis and sharing.


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