Network analyst Career and Activities

The network analyst or network administrator is responsible for managing the local network, as well as computational resources directly related to the network.

The profile of this professional must have a technical or higher degree in Computer Networks, Computer Science or equivalent, and / or be a person with extensive experience in the area of ​​information technology. It is important that you are familiar with the equipment and software with which you work, having as proof the so valued certifications, issued by large companies through tests. Examples are MCP, MCSA and MCSE, Microsoft professional certifications; And also the famous Cisco-CCNA Training, seen by many professionals as a mandatory requirement for those who want to guarantee their place in the market of large companies, at the beginning of their careers.

Recommended training: Degree in Computer Science, Informatics or Computer Engineering or any other area of ​​mathematical basis.


Installation and expansion of the local network;
Install and configure the gateway machine of the local network following the guidelines "Standards of Use of DIN";
Guide and / or assist subnet administrators in the installation / expansion of the subnet; keep the local network running
DIN, making available and optimizing the computational resources available;
Control and monitor the performance of the local network and subnets as well as the equipment and operating systems installed;
Keep updated the DNS data of the machines on the local network;
Guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the information under its management and verify occurrences of infractions and / or security;
Promote the use of a secure connection between users in your domain.
Mainly focusing on network services and equipment which it is responsible for.
Put the network security policy into practice, in addition to developing it.
Salary: Ranges between R $ 3,900 to R $ 6000 reais.

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