New features and potential of Webex

Using artificial intelligence, Webex is now able to learn which projects, spaces and people are most important for each user, increasing their experience on the platform. The application will also include new Webex message fixing and the ability to automatically send recorded meetings to specific groups and individuals.

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For Webex calls, the new video menus simplify call routing, while waiting video engages users in new ways. It also became easier to route a phone call to a meeting.

The company is also reinforcing Webex's analytics capabilities with a new set of features developed by Webex Graph, such as personalized insights and actionable recommendations for individuals, teams and organizations.

Cisco has also expanded the platform to support companies of all sizes (even with the smallest of contact centers). In addition, the company is implementing a new state-of-the-art microservice architecture, which allows for rapid resource innovation, while open APIs allow for easy customization.

The new voice and chat bots with AI technology can answer easy questions and refer difficult ones to contact center agents, with all the related history provided so that customers don't have to repeat themselves. Webex Experience Management is now integrated with Webex Contact Center.

Cisco has announced a new App Hub that will make integrations with third-party services easier. With the App Hub, meeting participants can find and use integrations with services like Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Facebook Workplace, among others.

In terms of devices, Cisco introduced the new Webex Desk Camera, Webex Desk Hub and Webex Desk. The new hardware is intended to help organizations rethink office spaces and the way people work, the company said.

The IT Support Engineer is responsible for taking offer application and technical support to the users. They have to respond and resolve the support requests and service tickets. 


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