Platform as a service will grow in revenue share from public cloud

In this year's rapid shift to work at home agreements, SaaS providers like Oracle, SAP and Salesforce have provided an essential platform to continue business as normal despite interruptions.

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As remote work remains a dominant approach, SaaS providers of all types will be ready for uncontrolled growth. In 2021, Gartner projects that SaaS will continue to be the largest segment of the cloud market in revenue, growing to $ 117.7 billion at the end of the year. However, PaaS-based application services will grow even faster, driven by the increasing emphasis on enterprise customers on native, containerized and serverless cloud platforms.

One of the biggest growth segments for PaaS in 2021 will be the multi-cloud server offerings from Vendia, Microsoft, Red Hat and others. These solutions and the associated low code platforms will be essential ingredients in the modernization of applications, digital transformation and business continuity strategies of more companies.

Smart edge will become the main access cloud
Last year, the rapid shift from most economic sectors to remote work triggered a boom in mobile devices, automation powered by artificial intelligence , autonomous robotics and industrial IoT platforms.

In 2021, public cloud providers will shift an increasing share of their workloads to smart edge platforms to provide the low latencies required by these applications. At this point in the next year, approximately 90% of industrial companies will use edge computing, according to Frost & Sullivan projections. As 5G launches worldwide, in the coming years, demand for cloud-to-edge applications will skyrocket. More of these workloads will involve edge-based and AI-driven processing of intelligent sensor data and Tiny ML (machine learning) workloads.

Next year, IBM / Red Hat, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft will invest heavily in the strategic 5G / edge / AI platforms they launched in 2020. Nvidia will take advantage of the acquisition of Arm to deepen its portfolio of solutions to automate the delivery of Applications AI for cloud-to-edge and hybrid cloud environments. This trend will also drive demand for software-defined wide area networks for the benefit of VMware, Cisco, Juniper, Arista and other providers in this segment.

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