Priority in "everything as a service"

An important change made by Bezos in the early days of commercial cloud computing was to formalize the way AWS would build and expose products to its customers.

Referring to an internal email sent in the early 2000s by Bezos, former Amazon and Google engineer Steve Yegee paraphrased in his 2011 Google Platforms Rant, which: “all teams will now expose their data and functionality through service interfaces. The teams must communicate with each other through these interfaces ”. Finally, "anyone who fails to do so will be fired," added Yegge.

With this mantra, Bezos encouraged the creation of a huge service-oriented architecture, with business logic and data accessible only through application programming interfaces (APIs).

“From the time Bezos issued his notice to my departure [in 2005], Amazon had culturally transformed itself into a company that thinks of everything prioritizing services. It is now critical how they approach all designs, including internal designs for things that may never see daylight externally, ”wrote Yegge.

The huge service-oriented architecture had effectively transformed an infrastructure for selling books into an extensible and programmable computing platform. The online bookstore has become a cloud.

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