The Best VBA Guide

The VBA programming platform that runs throughout nearly all Microsoft Office products is one of the most powerful tools anyone can use to enhance their use of those products.

This VBA guide for beginners will show you how to add the Developer menu to your Office application, how to enter the VBA editor window, and how basic VBA statements and loops work so that you can get started using VBA in Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Who is a microsoft office specialist?

This VBA guide uses the latest version of Microsoft Office products. If you have an earlier version you may see some slight differences from the screenshots.

How To Enable & Use The VBA Editor
In any of the Office products used in this guide, you may notice that you don’t have the referenced Developer menu. The developer menu is only available in Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint. OneNote doesn’t offer a tool to edit VBA code from inside the application, but you can still reference the OneNote API to interact with OneNote from other Office programs. 

You’ll learn how to do this in our upcoming Advanced VBA guide.

To enable the Developer menu in any office product, select the File menu, and select Options from the left navigation menu. 
You’ll see an Options menu pop-up. Select Customize Ribbon from the left navigation menu.



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