The passwordless connection example is dangerous

At some point, we may need to retrieve the password for a website. For example, suppose we want to write them all down in a password manager we talked about earlier. So, one of the simplest possibilities is to look at that internet browser that we use to enter that website or social network. We will use Google Chrome to do this, open the browser and in the upper right corner click on the icon with the three vertical dots to enter options. Then click the settings .

Then we go to Privacy Security , and in the AutoComplete section where we click Passwords . So to see the password, click the eye icon to see it. In the case of password or automatic authentication, this screen will appear:

The tasks for a server technician are varied, with everything from providing cost estimates to upgrading hardware and software as needed. The server for a business hosts a lot of data and information, and server repair technicians need to be aware of what a business needs. 

If we want to see it, we need to enter the password of our Windows user. On the other hand, if we choose to log in without a password, we do not have this protection measure and anyone could see our stored passwords. Therefore, for this reason, in this article we recommend authentication with a password and, for very specific cases, automatic.


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