What are the threats when you do NOT have quality IT support?

Nowadays companies end up encountering some  threats when there is no support in IT  because they are outdated or have not yet adapted to the new ways of buying and selling over the internet.

Therefore, it is essential that corporations invest in the security of their data and information if they want to expand their business to the web, in order to avoid possible system intrusions.

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The following text is designed to expose some threats that corporations may experience when they do not adequately invest in an Information Technology service.

Why is it necessary to protect information? Check for threats when IT is not supported
Brazil is considered the third country most affected by illegal internet activities according to Norton / Syamantec, with cybercrime reaching a cost of 16 billion annually.

In addition, it is estimated that 32% of companies in the country have already suffered some kind of illegal attack, a number that outweighs crimes such as bribery and corruption.

The IT service technician is responsible for the installation of all hardware and makes sure that network connectivity is maintained all time. In most of the companies, staffs are allotted devices such as laptops, tablets or cell phones. 

Therefore, it is necessary for a company to protect its information so that it is not affected ethically or financially due to the exposure of sensitive data on the internet.


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