what does Firewall mean?

Every day, we make countless connections and data exchanges through the use of the internet, especially in the corporate environment, where information sharing has become part of the operational process of many companies.

The technology allows projects to be developed and delivered remotely, reducing the time, cost and structure of some activities carried out by organizations.

The internet is a huge facilitator for the execution of tasks and, also, one of the main concerns of the IT sectors within a company, because the virtual connections are a gateway for frauds that put not only data security at risk of the company, but also, the financial health of the company.

The Computer Network Support Specialists fix and decide various computer and software issues for its correctness. They might work in a help-desk set-up or be responsible for technical support to the organizational IT subdivision. 

In the face of threats, it is essential that the company adopts some security measures to protect the information stored in digital environments.

One of the main practices for protecting the company's files is the implementation of a firewall.


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