What is the current salary in Cloud Computing fields in India?

Will depend a lot on whether you are a fresher or experienced. For freshers you will definitely get above market average if you are actually good in cloud services.

Experienced people are highly sought after, cloud + other tech experience. I once interviewed a person who had a bachelors degree in commerce but was working since 5 years in IT in cloud and was earning 13.75 lk per year.

According to a survey conducted by Zinnov - an IT consultancy firm, the global cloud computing market will be more than billion by 2016. It has also been estimated that India will need about 3 lakh cloud computing professionals in the next four years. Since it is a new technology and supply of such IT experts is less than the demand in the market, the salary levels of cloud computing experts are high too.

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Cloud Architecture like virtualization or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is already being implemented in some of the IT giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft and it is expected that other companies will adopt it soon enough as it reduces their start-up costs and investments, is easier to scale up or down, and is a very flexible and powerful computing platform that does not require any licensure or maintenance.

So if you choose to make a career in Cloud Computing, you can look forward to an annual salary package of Rs 12 to 19 lakh at the entry-level. A middle-level executive usually earns around Rs 20 lakh per annum while those who have 10 to 15 years of experience in the field can earn a package of Rs 30 lakh or more.


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