who want to grow in their careers?

Having a better job, a higher salary and opportunities to fulfill your career is anyone's dream. If you have ever wondered how to grow in your career , know that there are many obstacles that prevent people from achieving the success they want in the workplace.

With this in mind, we decided to list the main difficulties that prevent professionals from growing in their careers to help them avoid them. Keep reading this article and find out which are the top 5!

grow in career

1. Comfort zone
A sense of security and comfort are hallmarks of the so-called comfort zone, one of the difficulties that prevent you from growing in your career . At this point, you already know your routine, tasks and responsibilities and are afraid to take on new challenges, even if unconsciously.

So, you select countless excuses for not starting to take the actions that can lead you to professional growth. The problem is that the feeling of security that the comfort zone offers can be temporary. So you have to be willing to get out of it.

2. Lack of organization
Disorganization is another obstacle for those who want to grow in their careers . Balancing personal and professional life is essential to ensure that your goals are met. Organizing the agenda, planning activities at work and personal life and having moments of rest and leisure, among others, are necessary activities.

3. Stagnation in education
Continuing to study after graduation is also essential for career growth . If you want to grow professionally in the company , you need to know that most full or senior positions require a graduate degree. In addition, those taking a specialization course can earn a salary up to 118% higher , according to the 54th edition of the Salary Survey of the recruitment company Catho.

The Computer Systems Analyst will collaborate with personnel and management staff to clarify, prioritize and design alternatives. The analysts will coordinate and link the computer systems within the organization to share the information and increase compatibility.

4. Lack of self-control
Activities that we don't like to do and annoyances with colleagues or work situations are part of the routine of any professional. To grow in your career , it is essential to learn to deal with these situations, without reacting on impulse. Self-control is also important to prevent distractions that distract you from your activities and goals.


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