you get better WiFi coverage at home

You probably recognize the problem; you have your router placed in the living room and the coverage there is unmatched. However, if you go into the next room, the kitchen for example, you will start to see, and feel, how much worse the reception and thus the speed will be.

Especially in our age when the "Internet of Things", ie when the refrigerator and washing machine becomes smart and connected to wifi, gets bigger, our homes smarter and even the car wants to be connected, it is probably most flexible for us, if our WiFi is enough where it is needed. Here are some basic tips to get better WiFi coverage at home.

Poorer placement of router in a non-central location
Poorer router location: in a corner of the home.

Good and central rouer location
A better router location - central to the home.

1. Place your router centrally
In most households, the fiber socket, and thus the router, is located near the outer wall. As a result, the router is often located in a non-central location. The router sends out the wireless signal in all directions with approximately the same strength. If the router is then placed at the outer wall, its full potential is not utilized and the actual range is reduced, sent outdoors or sent to places where coverage is superfluous.

Move the router with network cable
The cables that usually come with the router itself are rarely longer than two meters, and therefore you should buy a network cable to be able to move the router. You can find them in well-stocked electronics stores for under SEK 300.

The statement of work (SOW) in an RFP or RFQ defines a project’s goals, deliverables and performance criteria.

When you then want to move the router, simply unplug the power cord from the router, unplug the cable located in the WAN port, and move the router to a central location in the property. Take the long network cable and replace it with the old cable in the broadband socket. Then take the other end and plug it into the router's WAN socket. Now you can restart the router again and it should work as before, with the difference that it is more central and covers a larger area.

If you think it's ugly with cables in the house (who does not?) There are cable channels for a small penny that practically hides it all. These are available in all possible colors.


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